My land My honor

Posté le 8 février 2011

I was there not very far

I was some miles away from where my heart lay

I am liar if I say that I didn’t want to run to

I was watching the bathing sun

Saying goodbye to another day

I was eager to go deep the light

To hide and no more fight

That eagerness in me to go back, to chake

To fight my way back to you

Because I feel you ..for me

Here I stand hanging on the reef looking

To where a phenician princess once fled away

Carthage my dream land

In your soil my heart live

I am here …and I will keep my light

He is just on the other shore farther some miles nomore

Sun is hidding in shyness

she was witness of my fears

Sun is hidding in hurry

 she is desireous to let the silver cure

I can’t say but it was a great day

With a lot of motion

Lot of expectations that never saw the sunset

Because I wanted him besides me

But I will not give up here on the reef of antiquity

 I stand… I look for tomorrow

I will smile to hope and to this rising light of another day

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