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i want just to say what a great country we are?  what a great people what a youth? what a possible project of liberty we are only if we stop this serpentine march on ourselves!!

the same people who were watching in their houses warmly, all cosy ,all unconscious ,that a new page was coming ..all people that were still afraid because their town were just frozen under tons of fears and terror to go with the tide,  to not be the only crazy that runs the streets because he was just joyful that he was feeling that a new day was coming marching sweeping the streets , the cities , the villages and every inch of this land!!  people who had the certainty that tomorrow was just a few seconds away and just few hours away from his calm quiet door !

people somehow like me !! who for years were jailed in the fearful virtual prison that web of eyes and ears that jailed your steps, your life, you professional career, that kill all beautiful things around you because you tried to be different!! 

 you tried to show the way out to others !! because you said no ! you worked the counter tide of the huge crowd and all the solgans!! because you saw that there isn’t only one BB big brother!! the big picture, the big mind ,the big project, the said BB clan and the Mafia around his throne ! ..and that all your visions are nothing that little flickers of fate in front of the biggest fate our fate our perpetual  » BB »

to be alone in front of an army of fear!!  you know to fight a real army of ideas, of conscious ideas , of rightness ,of great fate in the Honor of a Party , in the worthness of the political leadership ..that would have been something honoring but fighting an army of fearful soldiers , of blind and deaf men and women !! well , that is a real shocking moment and time !!

because they are just standing in front of you like a chinese wall of dead corps, of dead minds , of dead hearts…they are there even if inside they know that doing that is wrong . they jsut stand because the BB  said so , he said the big wolf is inside the wood no one goes in so no one goes in, they did not even question is there any wolf behind the bushes? is there any real wolf even left to fear?

fighting this brain washed army is like fighting the zombies or the mummies in one of the fiction films every time you think you killed one of them he just stand up again as if nothing done !!

they just obey ! they just stand and clap hands for  the big Boss and the big Lady  talent.

well teh BB throne is taken, now! well ! we shall be happy , the revolution had done what all the parties hadn’t done for decades!! but the youth who had done it where are they ! the youth who asked Ben Ali to go out, that the game is OVER .

just two weeks after , we just see people who are standing out their offices asking for more money more promotions more laws more and more and more even !!

what is this image ? i can’t see what i dreamt of in this revolution ? youth did this revolution, to get jobs,  to get dignity, to be able to have a life, excerce his rightful right to live , to marry , to have kids , to have a house , to a job , to have a modest bank account , to be able to go around , to be proud of his education , of his worthness in the global wheel of the country’s contribution !!

and here i see staff thousands of quiet , cosy , warmly kept pets of the governmental administrations and all the annexed functions who are crying , shouting , asking and shamlessly hunting for more !! disobeying laws, order , authority and crashing all images of civil conduct !! well i didn’t chase the tyran to get tyrans!!

i didn’t give my voice and cried like a baby when i saw the figures of some  » terrible people » down on the ground , i didn’t gave my voice to this anarchy !! i wanted order , i wanted rights , i wanted discipline and laws.

i refuse this continual climbing of some savage and profiting herbs !! i will not give my freedom to those who think that by the law of unruling protests they can get me down ! i refuse that hunting of the witches because it’isn’t time!!

all my attention is driven to these working people in their ministries , ports, airports, administrations, hospitals, schools and every crucial position in this country : to that climbing egoism and forgetness that they are positive elements in this image while there are still millions of inactive minds and lives waiting for years for a chance to have a steady pay!!! to be able to go out with someone and say i workk at XX place !! people with certifications waiting for a glimpse of hope to wear a jacket and a tie , a suit and high heels shoes and go to work like  a Mister, like a Lady !

where shall we go ? if some greedy minds are destroying the real cause of the revolution? i did not see any real image of good will , all the images are picturing , actual workers who do already receive a pay in huge and great ministries and other governmental institutions!

the worst part of these images is when i see the low class workers who are killing themselves for a little pay and here i would like to say yes;  those are worthy to be boosted more that these who receive more that 700 dinars and are crying like babies and shouting all crimes against them !!

i am afraid that all these images and all the media propaganda is just playing us?  

the RCD is torn into pieces , his two millions adherents are lost in the tide , the RCD little people , the said Adherents, they are not all crimminals we can’t accuse them of all the crimes happenning now, the  RCD poor people who were called only to vote or to clap hands in big conferences !! all of them were waiting too ; they were fed up to see his face on their party doors watching them like a menacing hawk !! with his two blending hands . they hated him propably more than anyone can imagine  but in their little communities they were forced to keep silence spies where everywhere around them !!

a witness from inside ! me ! the victim ! the dreamer !

If we have to look again into the image , this party was truely a real comic serie,  only 20% of his men and women are or can be considered clean! the rest of the crest of this pyramid is  picturing a group of about a 10 % level  exactly , a domesticated leached group of political wolves eating in the row flesh of people, into the economical institution and every side the political and cultural life.. This is the real Foe , the real cause of this hate and anger of the streets , that 10 % elite of family and friends and in-laws who were keeping the country under the sound of the flog and iron.

in each town , in each village , in each firm , in each mind , there was a group of people eating your life , eating your will , you freedom , your rights , your money , your real estates , obliging you to obey , to stand up for a hateful idea and image .

people who are from the 20% real base of this party they inherited their affiliation from family patrimony from the days of ther grand parents because it was the party of all tunisians after independance . so , leaving it was like becoming orphans , they kept after the arrival of BB because leaving it meant a dangerous existance , a secret and discret No to BB and a refusal to be in the wave of the fervent audiance meant a destroyed life and even a lost one!

But , we are sure too , that some organised groups are taken from that mob of people , these  » said  » militia » is composed by the Ex cons and robbers and other « ready to do anything »  ones , adopted bad children of the some well related menbers to the BB of the Party, willing to do anything to keep their realm of fear , their realm of drugs and crimes without being judged or asked why and what for?

all the  testimonies are saying that , these groups are spreading fear in our towns , they are spreading terror and conflicts between the same people , between us !

but now , we are not happy to see all that anachy and lost of authority , we can’t live with that counter tide of revolution , this is the worst version that youth and all conscious people would like to see

I say NO to trouble , NO to all that spread of disorder and egoism in the four corners , No to the blind witches hunt , NO to the fearsome nights that our families are spending ! No to the new black Knights of the Revo , who last month were shutting down,  all the voice of free will , of the young Waiting generation ! NO to the burning of our schools and shops , NO to the silent factories and Farms , NO to the Blackmailing waves of some Cowards who are trying to get the best of every side of this turn! !!!









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