Posté le 14 février 2011

some days all what we can say is just few words , few sentences , because in reality all words are sometimes worthless the events happening around you and sometimes because you need a space a vaccum of time to be able to digest the huge amount of events happening around you .

all the month of January we were just taken by that huge and great wave of extasy and fierce for freedom , all the people were out , took down all chains of slavery to fear , to menace to that silence beast hunting us all over the way , 23 years were just more that a domptation more than a slavery verse

we just stood in front of great wave of fresh air to be washed and bathed in that breezing storm of courage and feel alive again , because for more than twenty years we were kept in the freezer of nations kept under siege of speaking out our true version of truth .

all were astonished that this huge Tunisia is still alive still able to raise like a golden swan from its ashes i can’t imagine what was like that moment when seeing , that magnificent waving hands mob screaming all together » Dégage » loud enough to be heard around teh world around the closed secret doors of some diabolic associations , circles , embassies ;loud enough to wash away the dust that prevented us to see that solution was long ago waiting in us ; in our hearts , in ur uniqueness  all what was a taboo for decades became permited , we are able to walk the streets and say aloud  » what a nasty figure  » without being chased by the nasty figure’s dogs all are free to say to cry to chant to acclaim his right to be the way he is !!

that revolution made us partly full after a long time od self searching!! we feel our legs , our hands ; our minds again we are full!!

but in the running chain od events some disabilities may happen , you know in each creation there is always a fall ,an imperfection  , just a casual thing that may happen even in the most advanced countries .

in our country and because all were so oppressed for so long they are enjoying a great deal of disorder now, not because they likeit but because they lived in disorder already for so long a hidden one and the wanted to share it with the whole world probably just the national level , because they want immediat solutions to their so long ignored pains and social disorders .

the most beautiful street and avenue of all north africa is now invaded by thousands od little sellers with their stalls and little tents they are just making their market place , spontaneously , childlish like games

they are not going to play hide and seek with the police today because teh police is just standing some streets away looking with patience at this mess..saying probably with an inner malice  » well let them enjoy these few days of laissez aller ..just few days and we will push them gentley out of here things can’t go further more anyway ..few days , a little patience and all is going to be  back on track!! »

but what hurts is when you see the streets , in such a mess with bags and all that waste papers all over the places and you can just smell the baskets fill with domestic wastes all along the narrow streets of the apital and then you just hear a rining bell of alarm !!

is it going to be like this longer!! well :: well no

a great surprise is waiting you our country is far over all expectations, because youth decided to give a sweeping hand to the rising rubbish and to throw it away where it must be put , the beautiful avenue of HB is getting its freshness back with teh vigoreous hands of children and adults how made history when giving example to some messy ones and bringing them back to civil conduct and respect of order.. nothing is lost after all because after the urgy of one night we all wake up with a ringing head and a huge pain somewhere but we are sure that after our coffee we come back to reason and reason is always a beneficial asset that no one wants to lose

so let’s keep sobber because Tunisia needs us NOW!







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